Yin & Yang with Dr. Joel Penner

Today Show: Yin & Yang

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Joel Penner   http://www.americandragon.com/

Joel Penner is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a California Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist. He has been in private practice for over thirty years and has been a Professor of Chinese Medicine for over twenty years, having taught at several of the top acupuncture colleges is Southern California. He is past chairman of the Herb Department at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Joel is also co-author of the textbook “Zang Fu Syndromes: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment” and has been the technical advisor on Chinese Medicine for the TV shows “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice”. Joel is proprietor of the website AmericanDragon.com which is a well-known source of free information about Chinese Medicine, available to both practitioners and the general public. He also has a series of videos on You Tube entitled Chinese Medicine in America.

New Series: The 36 Flow of Energy Systems.

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