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Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines – Movie directed by Gary Null

Silent Epidemic, this award winning film director by Gary Null, is the first documentary to investigate thoroughly the true medical record and the historical evidence about vaccine marvels. Conventional medicine has herald the invention of vaccines as a miracle of modern science. It claims that vaccines have been proven to prevent and eradicate infectious diseases. We are told that vaccines are safe and effective, and that “herd immunity” can be achieved if a high percentage of a population is vaccinated. However, does the science support these claims and what are the untold consequences? Published on Oct 3, 2013

Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs

Books Shelley Tzorfas has been working with children, teens, and young adults who have learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, and other special needs. With over 20 years experience, she has created ways to help these children succeed in academics and social goals while teaching parents how to navigate the educational system. She holds an MFA degree from Rutgers University, has studied education at Hunter College and NYU, and has worked as a child advocate. She is known for her witty articles on children’s and special needs issues in online and print publications.
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New Jersey Coalition For Vaccination Choice


(PDF) Parental Rights and Vaccination Choice are Essential
(PDF) Parental Rights and Vaccination Choice FACT SHEET

NJCVC supports the parents/individuals’ right to freedom of choice in their healthcare decisions and the basic human right to decide which substances, if any, are injected into their bodies and that of their families.

The New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice (NJCVC) was established in February 2008 to unify individuals and organizations, including NJAICV and CHERUBS – two dedicated NJ vaccine awareness groups – to voice our urgent need for parental informed consent to vaccinations. Additionally, NJCVC strongly opposes the states newest childhood vaccine mandates.

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