About Us

NDC_Logo“The National Drug Card and the NDC Savings Club was created to help all of us save money on all things we need on a daily basis. Please join my live daily calls where I will be answering your questions and providing valuable information on our great benefits.” –Alex Acuna

“Because Today every Dollar and Cent Counts!”

NDC Savings Club is a service provided by National Drug Card. NDC is a Washington D.C. based organization founded in 2005 to help people with little or no prescription drug insurance save money on their prescription medications. The National Drug Card proved to be a spectacular success and the program continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Over the years, NDC has received hundreds of phone calls and emails from our valued customers requesting other money saving programs.

We listened and are proud to announce the launch of the NDC Savings Club. Many of the benefits offered are FREE. Our low cost Dental Plan also includes major savings on Vision. Tour the NDC Savings Club website and you will find outstanding value and real savings on services you need and use, such as Healthcare, Legal, Coupons, Pet Care, Entertainment, Travel, Shopping, and many more.

NDC Savings Club’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for Groups, Businesses, Non-Profits, Organizations and their Families. We even have sections for Holistic & Natural treatments and products, Senior Care, as well as resources for Men & Women.

Founder | CEO
The principal and driving force behind NDC Savings Club is Alexander Acuna, who brings over 25 years of business and marketing expertise to the role. Mr. Acuna has a background as a creative project manager and a track record of sales and training excellence. A pivotal factor in his considerable success has been his ability to partner with companies that maintain their competitive edge by offering innovative products and services geared towards helping people lead more fulfilling lives. Looking to the future, Mr. Acuna will be drawing on his considerable experience as a trainer. He will be teaching representatives and affiliates to educate members on how the average consumer can leverage the benefits and resources of NDC Savings Club to save money and improve their lifestyle.

Co-Founder | CCO
As a multimedia developer with over 10 years experience in the media design industry, Ray Rivera has managed to acquire a wealth of experience. An entrepreneur at heart, his ventures ranged from clothing lines to tech startups such as his b2b solution Tenaciti and his Augmented reality app Augi-AR. As a co-founder of National Drug Card, Ray has been able to utilize his technical and creative abilities to help conceptualize and build the technological foundations of both the National Drug Card and NDC Savings Club. With Ray leading our creative team, we have been able to build a brand that stands out from our competitors and brings a higher quality product to our consumers.

Participating Groups & Organizations