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It’s not surprising that affiliate programs are becoming increasingly popular with groups and organizations. By participating in the National Drug Card affiliate program, you not only provide the Nation’s best Free Discount Drug Card, but also the outstanding benefits featured on the NDC Savings Club.

Listed below are type of groups and organizations that are participating in the NDC affiliate program:

  • Associations & Affinity Groups
  • Non-Profits and Fundraising
  • Employers in any industry
  • Charities and Religious Organizations
  • Unions & Labor Organizations
  • Agents/Brokers and Benefit Consultants
  • Insurance Carriers & Managed Care Organizations
  • Financial Institutions & Credit Unions
  • Local Government, State, City, County or Municipality
  • Schools and Colleges

Note: If you’re a group or organization interested in participating in the National Drug Card Affiliate Program please click the link below.