Affordable MRi and CT scans

Todays Show: Affordable MRi and CT scans

Guest Speaker: Dr. Gary Lawson owner We Care Medical Mall inc.
(MRi) Since 2000 – We Care Medical Mall, inc. has assists people with no insurance or high deductibles to obtain affordable imaging center self-pay, cash prices. We have contracts with 2,800 quality imaging center locations nationwide, and get a volume-based wholesale discount rate whereas most individuals are required to pay higher retail rates. We are PayPal certified. There are no other fees above the quoted price, and all quotes include our fee, the test, and radiologist reading. Prices are location specific and may change without notice.

Health News Segment with: “Dr. Wald:  Today topic: Do We Need Vitamins?
Dr. Michael Wald, aka The Blood Detective, discusses whether or not nutritional supplements are needed in addition to a “balanced diet”. Dr. Wald challenges the notion that we do not need nutritional supplements and argues that, no matter how clean or balanced one’s diet is, it is never adequate in the face of our toxic world.