Toxic Water with Dr Roy Speiser

Ways To Structure Water

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Roy Speiser

We live in a toxic world where exposure on a daily basis to toxic contaminants in our air and water affects our health on a cumulative basis. For decades toxic waste sites and industries have discharged chemicals and heavy metals that have seeped into our drinking water supplies. Additionally, agricultural runoff of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies dumping drugs into the ground have contributed to hundreds of toxic contaminants permeating our drinking water supply.

Dr. Roy Speiser, while practicing holistic health care in the New York metro area, Dr. Speiser became concerned by the increasing number of cancer-stricken patients coming into his practice.  He was appointed co-chairman of a local environmental advisory committee and conducted thorough research to investigate the causes. He made a shocking discovery: toxic chemicals and substances were being dumped into the ground water which eventually resulted in a cancer clusters in local areas.  From that point forward, he vowed to find better ways to protect people’s health by improving their everyday drinking water.