Qi-Gong and it’s Health Benefits

Guest Speaker: Michael Edson, MS, LAc.   http://www.naturaleyecare.com/

Michael Edson is the co-founder of NaturalEyeCare™ Michael is a New York State Licensed acupuncturist and co-author of Natural Eye Care: A Comprehensive Manual for Practitioners of Oriental Medicine and Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision.

Today show: Qi-Gong is an ancient tradition of Chinese healing going back over 3,000 years, with elements of it going back possibly as far at 7,000 years ago. It is an integration of physical postures, walking and breathing techniques and focused intention, with the intention of building and maintaining health through the free flow of “Qi”, our energy lifeforce. The word Qigong means the following: Qi means lifeforce or vital energy and Gong means accomplishment. Martial arts and Chinese medicine came out of the study of Qi-Gong.

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