Hotel Md 24/7 | Autism Epidemic/ASD (Part 1 of 6)

Today Show: Hotel Md 24/7

Guest Speaker: Ken Crause – Owner

Ken Crause, a world traveler himself, saw a need for easy access to a doctor when traveling around the world and felt that many other travelers would welcome the benefit of conveniently accessing a doctor from the privacy of their hotel room, should they not feel well while staying at a hotel. It was this idea that prompted him to create Hotel 247 MD. His experience in Telemedicine enabled him to adapt the technology specifically for hotels and resorts

Members can access them via toll free phone, smart phone, ipad or computer. A doctor will be in touch with you in an hour or less from the time you call in. You can also book a video appointment online that suits your time schedule, with any of our doctors.

Health News Segment with: Dr. Wald, director of Longevity at Integrated Medicine
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Autism Epidemic/ASD Part 1of  6 Part Series

The Autism/ASD Epidemic is a profound, eye-opening series of short, informative and practical talks presented by the Dr. Michael Wald – nicknamed the Blood Detective. Dr. Wald explores the criteria for autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), talks about potential causes from all angles and critically evaluates both medical and nutritional and natural treatments.