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  • NewKirlian3

    Kirlian Photography with John Iovine

    Today Show: Kirlian Photography Guest Speaker: John Iovine John Iovine is the President of Images Scientific Instruments Inc. and is responsible for research and development of electronics products that include nuclear science, photography, holography, microcontrollers, robotics, speech recognition and motion control. He has more than 25 …

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  • Energy

    Let it Go

    Guest Speaker: Alex Acuna Host and producer of the NDC Savings Club will be talking about the concept of Let it Go. Everything is energy and even our thoughts are energy fields and a lot of conditions that affect us are caused by these addicting energy …

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  • 5element Parchment

    5 Elemental Energies with Dr. Jason Elias

    Dr. Jason Elias, has been in private practice since the 1970’s, treating thousands of patients by integrating the modalities of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition. Over a period of forty years, my professional training has included work in the U.S. with acknowledged leaders in the …

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